American Miners Face Challenges

Illustration depicting an electricity symbol


Miners face criticism for energy usage and inconsistent ESG practices.

Centralized Hashpower

Hash Rate Centralization

Clusters of pools are all in the same region, and many are related to the same beneficial owners.


Maintaining Profitability

Increases in the network difficulty and electricity costs can impact profitability for independent miners.


Lack of Transparency

Little insight into hash rate distribution and how pool fees are calculated.

The MaraPool Solution


Responsible Mining Practices

Building a community of leading, institutional miners focused on achieving carbon neutrality and setting the standard for ESG practices.


Hash Rate Decentralization

Moving more of the global hash rate from concentrated pools in high-risk regions to the U.S.


Increasing Profitability

Pooling with leading American miners to mitigate the effects of fluctuations in network difficulty and increase the probability of earning bitcoin.


Full Transparency

Third-party auditing and intuitive reporting platform provide members with clear visibility into operations and reward distributions.